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5 oktober 2017
4 november 2017 @ 10:15 – 17:45 Europe/Amsterdam Tijdzone
De Yogaboerderij
Rivierenlaan 240
8226 LH Lelystad
Corine van Zoelen
3 workshops van Pam uit India @ De Yogaboerderij | Lelystad | Flevoland | Nederland

Pam Paramjit Anand – Himalaya Kriya Yoga
Zaterdag 4 november 2017 komt Pam Paramjit Anand weer naar Lelystad.
Ze geeft drie workshops.

Workshop Ancient Himalayan Kriya Yoga & Introduction to the Seven Chakras. 10.15 – 12.15   30 Euro
Pam will introduce you to the seven invisible energy centers in our body called chakras. Each of these 7 chakras play a vital role in your body’s energy and your over all well being. The Ancient Himalayan Kriya is a deep cleansing and purifying practice for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. We will be focusing one the Root & Sacral Chakras.

You may experience a feeling or vision of your chakras vibrating and how the life force, your breathe is a healing tool to release the blocks within, effortlessly taking you into deeper space of emptiness. Pranayama and Bells are used at intervals through out this one hour practice taking you into a blissful trance like mediative state. You will feel extraordinary after this practice.

Workshop Chant to heal, energise & transform  13.15 – 15.15  30 Euro
Pam will lead you on an extraordinary inward journey to feel, experience and balance each of your seven chakras. Using visualisation and chanting the beej (seed) core sound for each chakra. When you chant a particular beej mantra, you release energy within that specific chakra, facilitating movement and vitality in your being. You will feel energised, balanced and a stronger sense of health. The chakras create such strong vibrations that your electrons begin to move incredibly fast. It’s a powerful method to remove all the dirt in the subconscious mind and cleanse  karma too.

Workshop  Ancient Himalayan Kriya Two & Soul Dancing   15.45 – 17.45  30 Euro
The Ancient Himalayan Kriya two is a deep cleansing and purifying practice for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. We will be moving up through the body now focusing on the solar plexus & heart Chakra. This is a physical Kriya which will end with a blissful meditation to completely relax and integrate the practice. Pranayama ,bells and movement are used at intervals through out this one hour practice.
We will end the day feeling light and free with Soul Dancing.  Pam will teach you an ancient chinese 4 power technique to apply as we dance 🙂

Één workshop is 30, twee workshops 55 en drie workshops 75 euro.

Opgeven: info@afstemchallenge.nl

Afzeggen uiterlijk 3 dagen van te voren. Daarna rekenen we op je en houden we je plek vrij en ben je verplicht tot betaling.
Mocht je zelf echt niet kunnen dan mag je uiteraard iemand anders in je plaats laten komen.


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